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Karlheinz Bender

Dipl. Ing. Karlheinz Bender has many years of professional experience in leading positions in engineering for automation and operational data management of fossil-fired power plants. During his active career, he has been responsible for the application of many generations of automation solutions in power plant operation and especially on large gas turbines since the beginning of the 1990s, both in standard development an in numerous specific projects worldwide. As early as the end of the 1990s, he began to pay special attention to the acquisition of operating data and, in the following years, its use in operating data management for the entire area of the value chain, from product development to sales and marketing, engineering, use at the customer’s site and use in the service business to ensure the reliability, availability and operational flexibility of power plants. Particularly in recent years, these activities have been in the focus of digitalisation, both in the areas of product design and manufacturing as well as in the power plant operating process and energy management, through the profitable use of big data. This has been accompanied by the recognition of the need to transform organisational structures and the people who act in order to enable innovation in the digital age in a sustainable way that is compatible with the common good. This remains one of his main activities to promote digitalisation and sustainability in industry.