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The Institute as a business enterprise

LENA – Lieber eine nachhaltige Alternative – Innovative platform for implementing a sustainable lifestyle


A sustainble lifestyle is meanwhile already implemented by many, others would like to be more sustainable but do not know how.

Sustainability Report of the city of Erlangen (according to the 17 SDGs)


Recording of the sub-indicators for the 17 SDGs for the city of Erlangen and clear presentation in a report.

Modular factory concepts


Rapid construction and dismantling of factories or production facilities with self-sufficient water and enrgy supply.

The Institute as a social enterprise

Hospital Partnership between Nuremberg Hospital and the C.H.P. Hospital in Bassar (Togo)


Improvement of medical care at the hospital in Bassar (Togo).

Consultation of the association Fi Bassar e. V.


Alignment of all association projects with the sustainability concept of the United Nations (17 SDGs)